UPDATE: Zemenka Earthship, Czech Republic


UPDATE: We have just got word of the confirmed dates for the 2020 Earthship workshops at Zemenka. There will be two workshops run back to back starting on the 1st Saturday in August and running until the following Saturday. The second workshop also starts on the second Saturday and also runs for 8 days.

New details on Earthship workshops in 2020
The mists rise above the forests of Sazava. Here along the banks of the famous Sazava river lies the first building of it’s kind in Central Europe, the earthship Zemenka

Back To Nurture

Zemenka earthship provides a nurturing refuge from modernity’s pressures nestled in and communing with nature.

One fateful afternoon last June Katerina and I were digging in the garden. We were talking about how we enjoyed working with our hands. Having just cleared the section of the cottage we were staying in we were getting a little more used to physical work than we had for quite some time.

Somehow our discussion revolved around to Earthships. I had seen a documentary once and somehow retained some of the info and Kat was also aware. We decided to check out whether there were any in Europe that we could visit.

To our surprise there wasn’t a lot around. Earthship concept has been around for decades and we presumed there would be plenty of examples around given the sample size of the whole of Europe.

We were beginning to despair when Kat stumbled across the Zemelod website. Not only was this Earthship in Europe, it was in Czech Republic. Not only that, it was near Prague and in the most serendipitous way possible it was in Sazava, the next town along the river from our cottage!

Needless to say we got in contact and discovered they had a workshop starting in a few days.

We signed up and had an amazing time, learnt a whole heap about earthships, sustainable building and met a bunch of awesome people.

If you’re not familiar with Earthships and why they exist it’s worth watching out some YouTube videos or checking out the Earthship website. The short story is that they designed to incorporate the 2nd ‘R’ from the world famous 3 Rs, namely REUSE. This is seen with the use of discarded tyres, bottles and cans.

Taking discarded materials and constructing a home from them is just the beginning. The Earthship has decades of research and development behind it now and features many other environmentally friendly intergarations such as passive heating and cooling, a full water capture, reuse and retention system and many more.

Zemenka was built 2012 by the NGO Zemelod under the guidance of Earthship founder Micheal Reynolds. Serving as a training and resource centre for sustainable building techniques.

The the exceptional images here were all taken by our fellow workshop attendee Ondrej (except where noted) – thanks for letting us post them.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Zemenka Earthship, Czech Republic

    1. It’s a fantastic place to slow down and unwind while learning important skills and knowledge that may become important in all of our futures. We’ve just got word that Zemelod will run two back to back workshops starting the first week of August so get along there if you want to find out more 🙂


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